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The TASER Pulse+ brings personal safety to a new level, with a weight of just 8 ounces and a shooting range of just 15-feet. You can safely get away from harm, point, shoot and disable an attacker.

When you disable the attacker, you have more than enough time to get to safety.

TASER Pulse+ causes muscular override on attackers that lasts a staggering 30 seconds. You’ll have enough time to get to safety and call for help. Designed to be the best taser gun on the market, TASER is more than just a taser as you’ll find out.

TASER Pulse+ Integrates With Noonlight


You can tase an attacker, but what will you do afterwards?

People who are attacked are going to be in shock and will be unsure of what to do next. Some people freeze, while others run – which is ideal.

When you pull the trigger, you can connect directly to Noonlight.

What is Noonlight?

Noonlight is a safety platform that is connected to your smartphone via an app. When you pull the trigger, a signal is sent to your phone and live dispatchers will be dispatched to your location.

The Noonlight app works on iOS and Android.

You can use the free trial to give the platform a try – 2 million people are already protected. Professional monitoring uses your phone’s location to tell dispatchers and police where you are and to come to your location.

The free tier offers primarily iOS features, while the $5 and $10 a month service offers a robust set of safety feature for both iOS and Android.

Connecting to Noonlight keeps you safe and is the fastest way to send help to your location. It’s the perfect solution for premium safety.

But Noonlight is only the start of the great features provided by TASER.

TASER Pulse+ Features and Specs

Taser Pulse

Pulse+ is designed to be the most robust taser on the market, and there are six main design points to focus on:

  1. Cartridge. Dual cartridges allow you to shoot with confidence. If you miss your target the first time, you can shoot again without worry.
  2. Battery Indicator Light. An indicator light is on the taser to alert you when it’s time to swap out the CR123 batteries. Keeping your batteries fresh allows you to be confident that if you need to use your taser, it will have the power to properly disable the target.
  3. Shaved Safety. There are shaved safeties that allow you to confidently hold the taser without zapping yourself in the process.
  4. High Visibility Flashlight. If you’re shooting in the dark, there’s a high visibility flashlight built into the taser. The flashlight allows you to properly aim and hit your target without issue.
  5. Targeting LASER. Speaking of hitting your target, there’s a built-in laser that allows you to hit your target with greater accuracy.
  6. Emergency Dispatch. Noonlight keeps you safe, with an emergency dispatch that allows you to call for help. When you’re being attacked or assaulted, the emergency dispatch may mean the difference between life and death.

A 30-second duration keeps the attacker disabled without the use of lethal force. Lethal force causes a major legal and moral issue for many people. Tasing a person causes a muscular override that disables the target without causing lasting harm or death.

Contact stuns allow you to pull out the taser and disable the target even if they’re grabbing you from behind and won’t let go. The best solution is to hit the target from a distance, and with a 15-foot range, you’re out of arm’s reach while also being able to confidently disable the target.

Fast-paced and connected, the taser is one of the best on the market, with a built-in laser and flashlight. Legal to own and carry, the Pulse+ doesn’t require a license to own and carry in most states.

And the quality is superb.

Quality Design for Lasting Protection

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Before going deeper into the quality of this taser and what it means for users, it’s important to know about the Safety Escape Guarantee. What is this guarantee and what does it offer?

  • Replacement if the device is shot in self-defense
  • Replace with the same or a similar product

TASER replaces their products if you happen to leave the taser behind while you’re getting to safety. If there are no similar products available, you’ll receive a refund that is equal in price to your original purchase.

You will need to provide some documentation, including a police report and proof of purchase, to receive your replacement or refund.

High-impact polymer is used in the taser’s design to allow for a comfortable, textured grip. Lightweight, the taser weighs just 8 ounces, so it’s not going to weigh you down while offering you the utmost in protection.

When you need protection, you can:

  • Shoot from 15-feet away
  • Contact stun

A long-lasting CR123 battery keeps the taser charged and ready to fire when you need it most. There are also dual live cartridges that allow you to disable two attackers at one time or hit the same target twice if necessary.

Every purchase also comes with conductive practice target that enables you to practice with your taser.

You’ll always have protection just a pocket away so that you can walk around the neighborhood, go to the train station or have confidence in your safety when hiking through trails.

TASER Pulse+ is the best taser gun on the market. You’ll enjoy top-tier durability with a long-lasting guarantee that allows you to get to safety without worrying about leaving your taser gun behind.