Pepper spray is an effective, non-lethal way to disable an attacker. While sprays are potent, they do have their drawbacks. There’s a risk of blowback, which means that the spray may affect you, too. Sprays can also affect other people or animals in the area of the attacker, causing unintentional harm.

Red pepper gel solves this problem by emitting a potent stream of pepper spray at the target. Gels only affect one target, and they can be ejected from a farther distance.

Sabre offers one of the top-rated red pepper gels on the market. It’s the #1 pepper spray brand, and it’s trusted by police and consumers across the world. Sabre is used by the Chicago P.D., New York P.D. and U.S. Marshals.

If it’s trusted by law enforcement, then it’s certainly good enough for self-defense purposes.

It’s not surprising that Sabre’s red pepper gel is touted as the best pepper spray on the market. Well, technically, it’s not a spray – it’s a gel. Along with being one of the most potent red pepper gels available, Sabre’s product has a long range and easy deployment.

best pepper gel for self defense

Facts and Specs

  • 4-year shelf life
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed maximum strength
  • Professional-grade OC spray
  • 18-foot range
  • Access to free training
  • 18 bursts
  • Flip top safety
  • 360-degree crossfire technology

How Does Sabre Red Pepper Gel Work?

Sabre’s red pepper gel is exactly what it sounds like – a gel. It’s not a conventional pepper spray, but that’s a good thing. There’s a reason why gel is preferred over a spray:

  • The range is greater, allowing you to stay a safe distance from the target
  • It only affects the target, unlike a spray that hits anything in its path
  • It virtually eliminates wind blowback, and you can use it indoors

This red pepper gel has a 20% greater range than conventional pepper sprays – 18 feet or 5.5. meters. With such a long range, you can disable your target from a safe distance.

This spray also contains UV marking dye to help police with suspect identification.

Each 1.8 oz. cartridge has 18 bursts, giving you ample opportunity to hit your target. Crossfire technology allows you to deploy the spray gel from any angle. The maximum strength formula makes it the most potent red pepper spray, and it’s the most popular formulation carried by law enforcement.

This gel is 67x hotter than hot sauce and double the average strength.

A flip top design allows for quick and easy deployment, so you don’t waste valuable time fiddling with your cartridge to get it working.

Just slide your thumb underneath the top and press down in one quick motion to deploy the spray. The flip top design also prevents you from accidentally discharging the spray.

This red pepper gel comes with either a belt clip or a belt holster for easy carrying and access when you need it.

What About Failure Rate?

Sabre’s red pepper gel is reliable. If you find yourself in a life or death situation, you need to know that you can rely on your pepper spray.

All of Sabre’s red pepper gel cartridges go through in-house HPLC lab testing to guarantee stopping power and potency. Testing eliminates the 30% failure rate of other brands.

Free Training

To help you feel confident with your red pepper gel, Sabre offers access to free training. When you buy their red pepper gel, you also receive links to free training videos as well as safety tips to help you use your spray more safely and effectively.

Different Styles to Meet Your Lifestyle

Sabre offers its red pepper gel in many different styles to meet your lifestyle, including:

  • Quick-release key ring
  • Arm band
  • Adjustable hand strap (designed for runners)
  • Home defense system

What Users Have to Say

Sabre’s red pepper gel sounds great on paper, but what do users have to say?

  • The gel sticks like glue
  • Attackers are instantly disabled
  • It doesn’t take much to stop attackers dead in their tracks

The four-year shelf life means that you have a reliable form of protection.

Sabre red pepper gel is a reliable, potent pepper spray that will disable your target from a safe distance. It offers a long range, a long shelf life and multiple shots per canister. If you want a pepper spray that you can easily deploy from any angle, Sabre is a great choice.

Where to Buy Sabre Red Pepper Gel?

Sabre’s red pepper gel is trusted by law enforcement, but you don’t have to visit a specialty store to get your hands on this product.

You can buy this red pepper gel right on Amazon – both the belt clip and belt holster version.