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CCW Safe claims to be the first and only company to defend a self-defense murder 1 case successfully. Their service is ranked as one of the best in the self-defense insurance industry, and the reason for this is that the company has no caps, so if you have to go to an expensive trial, you don’t have to worry about your insurance running out.

CCW Safe user reviews are positive for the most part and as expected their competitive price point and no cap policy is the key reason for their positive brand reputation.

CCW Safe Insurance Coverage Guide

ccw safe reviews

CCW Safe is a safe option for all gun owners that conceal carry, and if you want to protect your Second Amendment rights, it’s important to consider every plan to find the right balance of coverage vs price benefit.

Ultimate Plan ($499/year)

Dubbed the “Ultimate Plan,” this plan is for CCW permit holders, and it protects both the permit holder and their spouse. Spouses will be covered for any:

  • Criminal action
  • Civil action
  • Administrative action

But all of the actions must have occurred during a self-defense incident. The plan does not offer monthly payments – you must pay the entire $499 upfront – but it does provide exceptional coverage of:

  • $1 million in Civil Damage
  • $1 million in bond coverage

This is just the start of what the plan offers. You’ll also receive the following benefits and perks:

  • Investigator fees
  • Attorney fees
  • 24-hour emergency hotline
  • Firearm replacement during trial
  • $350/day for work loss during trial
  • $6,000 or 40 sessions with a licensed counselor
  • $3,000 for crime scene clean-up

Digital membership cards are given, and you’ll also receive two newsletters per week. The restrictions include:

  • Force against someone you permitted into your home
  • Force that is not self-defense
  • Force against other family members

Defender Plan ($179)

The Defender Plan is a cheaper alternative, but there are numerous add-on options available, too. The plan is meant for the family defender, and it is a non-transferrable option. Primary members must have a concealed carry permit, and the permit must be valid through the entirety of your coverage.

Primary members will enjoy $500,000 bail coverage for all legal use of force.

Coverage will apply to any place wherein conceal carry is legal, so this means defending yourself in your auto, home or any place where you’re within the confines of the law. All family members, 18 years or older, that live in the home of the Primary member will be covered in the residence only, up to $250,000 bond.

This plan includes:

  • $500,000 bail coverage
  • Attorney vetting
  • Critical response team
  • Unlimited attorney and investigator fees
  • Unlimited expert witness fees
  • Trial costs upfront
  • Firearm replacement during trial
  • $250/day for work loss during trial
  • $3,000 or 10 sessions with a licensed counselor
  • $3,000 for crime scene clean-up
  • Expungement and appeals covered

All costs are paid upfront.

The add-ons available include:

  • Adding a spouse
  • Additional bail coverage
  • Additional civil liability

Newsletters are provided for free.

Protector Plan ($149)

A plan for retired and active military and law enforcement. This plan is a great plan that is discounted for professionals that are allowed to conceal carry. This plan is the exact same as the Defender Plan in terms of what coverage offers with a few small differences:

  • $4,000 or 10 sessions with a licensed counselor
  • Spouses and children (under 18) are covered in the home only

Add-ons are also available, and they’re generally cheaper for anyone that qualifies for this plan. The addons include:

  • Adding a spouse
  • Additional bail coverage
  • Additional civil liability

Newsletters are provided for free.


When researching CCW Safe, you’ll come across a lot of people recommending USCCA. Both products are great, and they’re two of the best names in the industry.

CCW Safe does offer the benefit of no limits on defense costs.

A major benefit of CCW Safe is that they have far fewer restrictions than the competition, and they pay upfront. The coverage limits are unlikely to be hit when defending against a case.

You’ll also benefit from lawyers in every state, so this is another benefit.

Costs of USCCA versus CCW Safe vary greatly. The lower-tier plans for USCCA are higher priced, but the Elite Membership is cheaper than CCW Safe’s Ultimate plan. One thing I can say is that CCW Safe operates on a subscription-type of plan, but USCCA offers monthly payment options which are based more towards learning and education than actual coverage.

While you’ll also receive a lot of additional educational and training material with USCCA – a great benefit to all firearm holders, we prefer actual protection so once again CCW Safe is the better choice.

CCW Safe does have the CCW Safe Academy, which is free for all members, and this is a form of online training that all members should follow.

There is also app which costs $9.99 and is a crime and place app that you can use to keep yourself safe. The app isn’t a necessity, and it is a separate product that you may want to consider.

CCW Safe is a great option for all concealed carry gun owners. The company’s basic services are all compliant with state law, and the nice benefit is that there are no out-of-pocket expenses. You’ll never have to worry about receiving bills.

No cap on criminal defense funds and the experience of bringing a case to trial is a major perk when using the company’s services.

All legal weapons, across 50 states, will be covered. There will be coverage in all states that allow for CCW permit reciprocity at no additional costs. Network and non-network attorney fees are all covered, and there are also terms that allow for firearms to be replaced in the event of theft.