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Right To Bear offers value-centered, custom firearm liability insurance. Promoted as the only American insurance company dedicated to protecting the individual liberties of the people, the insurer aims to protect responsible gun owners from liability.

Multiple insurance add-ons are available, and as an “A” rated entity, gun owners looking for self-defense protection in a legal defense plan will find an option perfect for their insurance needs.

Right To Bear Self-Defense Insurance Plan (2023 Update)

Key Benefits of RTB

#1. Right to Bear pays everything UPFRONT. Unlike their main competitors, they are not a reimbursement policy.

#2. RTB offers UNLIMITED DEFENSE. This includes both civil and criminal cases for the low price of $125 per year.

#3. Add-on Coverage Options. Right to Bear offers several additional coverage options to ensure you are fully protected in an act of self-defense. You can customize your plan to meet your individual needs.

4. You Choose Your Own Attorney. Right to Bear gives customers their choice of attorney. We do not lock you into any predetermined legal representation.

Additionally, Right to Bear Insurance offers the following coverage on all tiers:

  • Civil Defense coverage allows you to choose your own attorney in the event you are sued after a self-defense incident.
  • Criminal Defense coverage provides legal support in the event you are criminally charged after a self-defense incident. (You choose your own attorney)
  • Multi-state coverage offers you coverage in 47 states. The exceptions are New York, New Jersey, and Washington.
  • Expert Witness coverage will provide an “expert witness” to testify on your behalf.
  • Psychological support provides coverage for counseling sessions due to stress/trauma experienced from a self-defense incident.
  • Bail Bond Reimbursement provides money for bail up to $100,000.
  • Additional Associate Coverage extends coverage to a spouse or household partner at the limit of coverage selected. (Note: This endorsement provides a separate limit of liability)
  • Gun replacement – We will replace your gun if taken after a self-defense incident.

The 24/7 hotline is a crucial addition to an insurance plan that is easy to overlook. All members can call the hotline and get real-time assistance. Agents are ready to connect you with a legal claims expert who will help you navigate the complexities of legal claims if they do arise.

And with your upfront payment for insurance, you can be confident that any lawsuits brought against you will not lead to substantial financial hardships. In fact, your premium ensures that you don’t have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses unless you exceed the limits of your policy.

Note: Multi-state coverage is available in all states except for the following: New Jersey, New York and Washington.

Self-defense insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

You may need or want different coverage, depending on your unique needs. Thankfully, Right to Bear Insurance offers add-on options that can be added to any of the plans above, but the price for each will vary by plan.

The additional insurance add-ons available include:

Spousal Coverage

If you have a spouse, you need spousal coverage. Why? Let’s assume that your husband or wife isn’t on the policy, and someone breaks into your home while you’re away at work. In self-defense, your spouse picks up the firearm and shoots the intruder.

Unfortunately, if the person isn’t on your policy, the insurance coverage will not extend to your spouse, leaving both of you liable in any lawsuits.

Instead, you can add your spouse to the policy for the following:

  • Bronze: $48
  • Silver: $60
  • Gold: $80
  • Platinum: $100

These costs are annual.

Bail Bond Reimbursement

If you are arrested and bail is allowed, the cost of bail will be reimbursed to you. The cost to add bail bond reimbursement is $75 across all plans. Depending on the plan, coverage may be as much as $50,000.

Accidental Discharge

If you’re caught discharging your weapon and it’s an accident, the standard policy coverage will not cover these costs. However, if you want, you can add coverage for $75. This is a good option for anyone who conceal carries because there is a greater risk of accidental discharge occurring,


All policyholders also gain a wealth of training and educational documents. When you sign up, you’ll gain access to the following as part of your membership:

  • Self-defense tactics
  • Training videos
  • Webinars

Gun owners have a right to remain responsible, and this responsibility comes through education. You’ll learn self-defense basics and how you should react in critical situations. Education and training materials are often updated, with new materials added periodically.

Policyholders will have coverage as an individual and not based on their firearms. So, if you purchase new guns and one is used in self-defense, you can be confident that the coverage is valid.

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