Best Self Defense Weapons (Non Lethal)

Home invasions, robberies and car thefts are all situations where people need a way to defend themselves from danger. Lethal weapons are a choice, but carrying around a semi-auto shotgun isn’t an option for most people.

When people protect themselves from danger, they often aim to disable and attacker and end up killing them instead when using a firearm. Non-lethal weapons keep a person from killing an assailant while being able to disable them in one of the most effective ways possible.

If you don’t want to permanently injure someone but still want to protect yourself, there are three main non-lethal weapon categories you can choose from:


Stun Guns

best stun guns
A police taser with copy-space.

Stun guns are one of the most popular options in self-defense today. Also known as tasers, these guns allow you to disable a target without lethal force. This is a great option for up-close or distance disabling.

You’ll be able to benefit from several different options with stun guns:

  • They’re easy to carry and safe to store around family.
  • You don’t need a permit to carry one of these items, so you could bring them anywhere you like.
  • Many options have multiple shots and lasers to help you better aim your shot.
  • Stun guns cause muscular override.

When you choose a stun gun, you’re choosing a form of self-defense that a lot of military and police are using. This is one of the most popular, non-lethal forms of protection on the market today. There are two main tasers that we want to talk about today.

X26 Taser


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The X26P is a police-grade stun gun that comes with a built-in LED laser and flashlight for better accuracy. When the electrical impulses hit the target, it will disable the attacker through neuromuscular incapacitation. This item is not dependent on pain, so even assailants that have high levels of pain tolerance will be brought to the ground.

When a person is shot with one of these stun guns, they will freeze in place, have involuntary muscle contractions and also fall to the ground in most cases.

The electricity will arch through most clothing and even bulletproof resistant materials.

A few of the key features of this taser include:

  • Built-in safety switch to avoid unnecessary shots
  • Current metering technology allows for optimal charge
  • System will go into low power mode if it is armed for more than 20 minutes
  • Performance power magazine will power-on the unit rapidly
  • Built-in laser will provide mechanical range of sight for 15 feet
  • Mechanical sights on the top of the unit allow for better accuracy when shooting
  • Dual metal electrodes provide 50,000 volt contacts if the probe misses
  • 5 light modes for better control and safety

When a shot is taken, there will be 20 to 30 confetti-like anti felon ID tags that will mark the criminals if they get away. This is very useful if you have to call police and need some backup. The power unit will have 500, 5-second electrical discharges available in one unit. There are numerous safety options for critical fault indicators or invalid battery.

The X26 is one of the best options for a home stun gun that will provide you with the utmost protection. You can carry this item in most locations, but be sure to check if you are allowed to carry in private establishments. Private businesses have their own rules and regulations in place regardless of what your local regulations are.

Taser Plus

taser pulse

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TASER Pulse+ is a powerful self-defense stun gun that comes with two shots and will be replaced if you leave it behind after protecting yourself. The stun gun comes with GPS app functionality that will alert the police when you pull the trigger.

You don’t need to use the app to use this stun gun, and you can fire barbed probes for up to 15 feet. The probes will attach to a person’s clothing and provide enough arc electricity that will go through some, but not all, bulletproof items.

This is a great option for security, whether it be a police officer that needs a backup if somebody is wearing a vest, or if you’re a homeowner that wants to protect their home.

The unit comes with:

  • Built-in laser with 15-foot range
  • Mechanical sights that line up with the flight path of the probes
  • 20 to 30 small confetti-like anti felon ID tags
  • LED light power indicator
  • Ambidextrous safety and design
  • Neuromuscular incapacitation
  • Lifetime replacement if you lose your item when being attacked
  • Auto shutdown if the unit is armed for more than 20 minutes
  • Ultra-bright LED light for low light situations

The Plus only comes with two shots, so you will need to be accurate. The laser does help, and you can also use the contact probes if somebody is holding you.


Pepper Ball Guns

Pepper ball guns go well beyond the effectiveness of pepper spray. These pepper ball guns allow you to shoot individuals up to 150 feet away, but most of the guns do have a much shorter range.

A few benefits of these guns, include:

  • Long range shooting for appropriate distance between assailants
  • Multiple shots available
  • Many models spread the pepper spray for greater effectiveness
  • Disable the unit for several minutes at a time

Leading pepper ball guns include:

JPX 4 Shot

JPX is a compact model that can fire up to four shots at 23 feet. Feet per second is 590 from the nozzle, so you’ll be able to hit targets even if they’re running in the opposite direction. This model is made from strong polymer, and it includes a high-grade OC solution for optimal disablements.

Users can spray up to four balls within 5 seconds.

This model offers:

  • No battery operation, so it’s always available for use
  • Twice the effectiveness of normal OC solutions
  • Less susceptible to cold and heat
  • Waterproof design
  • Spray launches at 405 mph
  • Refills are available

JPX offers numerous shot options and will effectively disable any target. Velocity of 405 mph and the 23-foot range allow you to keep your distance and disable targets without ever coming in close range.

Byrna HD

Bryna HD

Bryna shoots a 68-caliber chemical irritant that also has inert projectiles and has a lot of kinetic power. This model has a five-round magazine and is manufactured using glass reinforced polymers. There are over 100 precision parts built into this firearm, and there are CO2 cartridges that have a virtually indefinite shelf life included.

Shots can be fired at 300 feet per second, and each of the CO2 cartridges can shoot 15 to 20 rounds.

While able to effectively disable a human target, this item is also able to disable animals. This is the most effective option against animals, according to the manufacturer.

Features of this pepper spray gun include:

  • Travel speed of 200 to 300 FPS
  • Maximum of 15-20 shots each CO2 cartridge
  • Five round magazines
  • Can hit targets up to 60 feet away

The Bryna HD is a long range, non-lethal weapon that provides protection that is good enough for security guards, homeowners and law enforcement. This model can also be used against animals, which is an added bonus if you’re an avid hiker that needs a little extra protection.


Collapsible Batons

Collapsible weapons allow you to carry around close-up protection. A baton is one of the easiest ways to carry around a non-lethal weapon. You can benefit greatly from these collapsible, lightweight batons, which offer:

  • A small, compact design that is easy to conceal. You don’t have to bring attention to yourself when carrying a baton, and you’ll be able to surprise an attacker.
  • Concealment isn’t the only benefit of a baton. You don’t need hours of training to use it. These weapons allow you to have a quick, accurate way to protect yourself without any additional training. You’ll be able to immobilize an attacker and prevent potential injuries to yourself.
  • No-maintenance design. When you carry a handgun, you have to clean it to maintain it properly. A baton is a non-maintenance item that you can keep using for years without any need for maintenance.
  • Police officers carry a baton because they are so effective. You can easily knock an attacker to the ground and inflict damage with one of these collapsible batons. Batons add extra security and can be brought with you in areas that knives and guns cannot.

Batons allow you to protect yourself even in restricted areas in most cases. Rarely are batons banned from public places, so you can bring them with you. The only place that you may not be able to carry these weapons are private events. Government buildings or courthouses may also ban the use of batons. If you are an avid walker or hiker, these are easy to take with you on the go and are effective when called upon.

ASP offers the best batons on the market.

ASP Baton

The ASP lineup of products offers several different batons that you can use. These batons range from expandable 12-inch models to 24-inch models and larger. A few of the ASP batons include:

  • Friction Loc expandable clip-on baton 12”
  • Friction Loc expandable clip-on baton 16”
  • Friction Loc expandable clip-on baton 21”
  • Talon Disc loc push expandable baton 21’
  • Talon Disc loc push expandable baton 24’
  • Airweight foam friction loc expandable baton 21’

You’ll also find ASP has keychain batons that come equipped with pepper spray. The spray batons have 10% OC. There’s also an alcohol-based test insert that comes with 4 grams of spray for practicing with the baton.

Simple and effective, the ASP batons are carried by law enforcement and police officers. You’ll find expandable models and push-button models that have exceptional force. Push the button to attack an assailant and then swing for additional disablement.