Delta Defense

Delta Defense LLC is a name that everyone should know if they’re a concealed carry holder. The company is the premier self-defense company in the United States and is located in West Bend, Wisconsin.

The company serves gun owners in all 50 states.

What Does Delta Defense Do with the USCCA?

Delta Defense LLC is the company behind USCCA memberships.

They’re responsible for the sales, marketing, operation and administration of the company’s services. Started in 2003 as a magazine, the company then grew to over 200 employees and continues to grow.

Overseeing nearly 250,000 members across the nation, the company is in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies.

CEO Tim Schmidt is meticulous when choosing his employees, ensuring that every employee is a good fit and generates excitement in the company. Employee culture has led to its success, and of course, providing a robust service that is innovative doesn’t hurt.

What Delta Defense Offers

Delta Defense works with USCCA, but what do they do to help gun owners?

The company focuses on helping to stop crime and save lives. Delta helps you access your USCCA membership and benefits, connects you to an award-winning customer engagement team, and also explore resources and products.

Two key offerings are:

  1. Education
  2. Training

Together with USCCA, Delta Defense has grown to become a company that is dedicated to educating and training gun owners. Education is one of the best ways not only to defend yourself but also deescalate situations.

Through their dual effort and training, over 127,000 lives have been saved and over 100,000 members have saved the lives of others. Training responsible citizens on how to use a firearm and handle high tension situations is the goal of Delta Defense.

Online Training and Education

If citizens are to help improve their lives and the lives of others, they need to know how to react in different situations. Short videos from experts in the field are going to guide gun owners on how to responsibly handle situations like:

  • Being attacked in your own home
  • Carjacking situations that can turn deadly
  • Protecting religious centers if an attack occurs

All of this information is available in the Training Vault Video and acts as a streaming service offered through the USCCA Protector Academy. Through this material, you’ll learn about situational awareness, how to react and respond to dangerous situations and more.

Taking education further is equally important, with multiple training options that teach:

  • Handgun safety and marksmanship fundamentals that teach gun owners how to be safer with their firearms. The marksmanship fundamentals help you become a better shooter, learn proven marksmanship skills and also learn how to shoot accurately in tense situations where your train of thought may not allow for easy shooting.
  • Children’s safety fundamentals that further teach safety to kids and parents. Through this training, you’re proactively keeping your kids safer.
  • Concealed carry and home defense fundamentals explain key ways that gun owners can protect their homes. For many gun owners that have a firearm, protecting their home is the main reason for owning a firearm.
  • Emergency first aid fundamentals show you how to administer emergency first aid. If you’re involved in a situation where you or others are injured, the first aid training can help save lives.

You’ll also learn about emergency preparedness fundamentals and how to counteract a mass shooter threat. Firearms and self-defense education go a step further through continual firearm law updates for your state.

When laws are updated, it’s up to you as a gun owner to keep up-to-date on how these changes can impact your ownership.

Concealed Carry Magazine is also available that provides reliable techniques and information for everything from live-fire to dry-fire training. There’s women-focused content as well as information on the latest products in the industry, including reviews on gear and guns.

Through education and training, Delta Defense takes part in creating an environment where gun owners and permit holders can be safer and prepared for more situations. Using a firearm is a last resort, and the training that you receive can help limit the use of firearms unless 100% necessary.

Most situations can be de-escalated, and you can avoid safety issues or freezing up if you do have to discharge your firearm for self-defense.