umarex hdr 50 11 Joule

The Umarex T4E is the ultimate in-home defense, with a .50 caliber projectile that will stop intruders or threats in their track. Maximum energy is up to 11 Joules for rapid impact and immediate disabling of threats.

Umarex T4E Features

  • 6 rounds
  • 11 Joules power stock
  • 450 FPS velocity
  • .50 caliber power
  • Multiple projectile options
  • One-year warranty

Defense Innovation has designed the Umarex T4E 50 caliber pistol with a stock power of 11 Joules. The T4E is designed to be the most powerful home defense revolver, and the unit weighs a mere 12 grams.

The paintball revolver has an alloy steel barrel and a plastic frame. CO2 powers this air gun, and you can choose from multiple projectile types:

  • .50 caliber
  • Pepper ball
  • Rubber ball
  • Nylon ball
  • Steel ball

Dual Picatinny rails are present, allowing you to modify the T4E to include a laser, red dot or flashlight. If you’re new to home security and want to protect your home to the best of your ability, mounting a red dot sight onto the Umarex T4E is the right choice.

Red dot sight will instantly improve your aim, allowing you to hit targets precisely.

Note: The manufacturer has a holster coming out if you do plan to put a sight on the revolver.

However, you don’t need to add a sight to the revolver if you want to trust your aim. Lightweight and easy to handle, you’ll find that loading the paintball revolver is simple and easy.

  • Remove the rotary clip
  • Slide the clip from the cylinder

Each clip holds up to six shots, and the velocity of the projectile is 450 feet per second (FPS). At that rate, you can quickly hit a threat without allowing them enough time to react. The total distance is 60 feet, so you can maintain a safe distance from an attacker.

The CO2 cartridge sits right in the grip of the revolver. All you need to do to load it is to unscrew the bottom of the handle with your hands, pop in the CO2 cartridge, and you’re good to go.

Multiple Magazines and Quick Firing

If you buy the Umarex T4E, it comes with five magazines, or 30 total shots. The trigger is smooth and offers a semi-automatic operation, so you can rapidly hit targets.  If you want the best in home defense, the steel pellet is going to offer the best impact and biggest deterrent.

When it comes time to use the T4E, slap the screw at the bottom where you placed the cylinder, and it will pierce the cartridge to ensure that it’s ready to fire. You’ll notice a little orange/red indicator right above the back of the handle when the CO2 cartridge is pierced, and you can begin firing.

  • Devastator ammo, or the one with the steel pellet, goes directly through a watermelon
  • Nylon pellets went about three-fourths of the way through the watermelon in firing tests

Watermelon tests demonstrate the impact difference of bullet types, and for the utmost in home defense, you’ll definitely want the steel pellets.

The steel pellets will do some serious damage, but they’re not going to have the same lethal impact as a .50-caliber firearm.

Threats will be disabled – exactly what you want.

Home defense doesn’t need to be lethal. A lot of homeowners want to disable targets and threats, but they don’t want to deal with the emotional turmoil of killing or severely injuring someone.

The Umarex T4E offers the power of a .50-caliber revolver, but it’s a form of non-lethal home security.

If you purchase the unit, it does come with a one-year warranty to ensure that your investment is safe during the first year.                                                                   

One thing to make a note of is that the economical CO2 cartridge is not included with your purchase. You will want to pick up a few cartridges when buying the Umarex T4E to ensure that you have the power necessary to keep intruders at bay.

Under typical conditions, you’ll often be able to shoot 30 rounds before the cartridge needs replacing.