Vaultek VT20i

The Vaultek VT20i is a leading handgun safe, but is it really worth the price?

A lot of people are calling this the best biometric handgun safe on the market. Does it really meet the mark, or is it just another hyped safe that doesn’t meet the hype?

We’re going to find out.

Vaultek VT20i Features and Specs

Vaultek’ VT20i features:

  • Anti-pry bars
  • Interior hinges
  • Anti-impact latches
  • Interior security brackets
  • 16-gauge carbon steel design
  • Rapid entry keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Smart safe technology
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery
  • LED lighting

Our Review of the Vaultek VT20i

silver vaultek vt20i

The VT20i is one of the most advanced safes I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. When you first look at the safe, you’ll notice that it’s sleek and looks futuristic. It also comes in a few color options if you’re worried about aesthetics.Vaultek VT20i Review

Keep in mind, that the safe itself weighs just 7.2 pounds, so it’s a great option for anyone that travels a lot or will need to move their safe often.

You don’t need to secure this safe to the ground. And it’s not one of those cheap safes that you can drop from a standup position and break. The VT20i may be able to be moved, but the progressive formed 16-gauge steel can withstand hits with hammers or drops from high levels.

In terms of durability, the VT20i is one of the best on the market (for this size).

Size is ideal for one pistol with a magazine, and interior dimensions are:

  • 11” x 5.75” x 2”

What’s very impressive is that the safe has been certified by the California DOJ – it’s passed a test a lot of safes have failed to pass.

Biometric Information and Pin-Code Setup

best biometric safe for handguns

Your VT20i will run on an 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charge time for the battery is under 3 hours, and the battery charge will last 3 months with average usage. The battery is what controls the unit’s biometric features.

You can input a total of 20 different fingerprints, allowing anyone in your family to access your gun.

Fast and efficient, if an emergency happens, you can’t wait on your fingerprint scanner to process your fingerprints. The imaging speed is 40 FPS with a sensor pixel size of 176 x 176 pixels.

What does this mean?

The fingerprint reader’s 508 DPI allows it to be highly accurate while the 40 FPS speed provides fast fingerprint processing.

Offering a private identity system, the VT20i even has built in LED lighting that allows you to quickly view all of your safe’s contents.

You’ll also notice an illuminated keypad that has proximity sensors and responsive action to provide over 40,000 keypad combinations. If you prefer, you can set your passcode to access the unit rapidly.

This is a smart option for quick use, but rapid access is available with both biometric and coded options.

But, what happens if you forget your code or for some reason the battery died and you can’t access your pistol? You have the option of using manual keys, which have been included, to unlock the safe.

The VT20i comes with everything you need to keep your pistol, documents or other items safe.

What’s Included in the Box?


The Vaultek VT20i includes everything you’ll need to get started with your safe.

While you don’t need to drill the unit into the ground, there are pre-drilled mounted holes if you do want to mount the safe to the ground. All of the mounting hardware is provided. This is the most secure way to install a safe.

But, you’ll also receive more.

There is a steel security cable, manual keys, rechargeable battery, mounting hardware and a complete charging kit provided in the box.

Everything you need to get started has been included.

You’ll also find a quick start guide and a bunch of tutorials online that teach you how to maximize your new safe’s security options. It’s the ideal safe for anyone that wants to be able to safely store their pistol away.

App Powered, Too

vaultek app

Owners also gain access to a smart app that will help them monitor their safe at all times. When using the app, you’ll gain access to two key features:

  • Sound toggling on or off for the safe
  • Interior LED lighting adjustment

You’ll also gain access to the track safe usage monitoring. This is a high-tech way to monitor your safe’s usage.

The app allows you to check the safe for tampering, so you’ll know if someone was trying to enter your safe without your knowledge. You’ll even be able to name your safe.

But it gets even better than that.

Battery status can be viewed in the app, so you’ll always know how much battery life you have remaining. If you need to unlock your safe, the app will allow you to automatically unlock the safe if you’re within range of the safe.

This is just another quick and efficient way that you’ll be able to control and monitor your safe.

The Vaultek Smart App will work with all smart phones that run Android or iOS.

vaultek safe coupon

You can even receive tamper alerts for your safe.

Where to Buy The VT20i?

I’ve searched high and low for the best price on the VT20i, and Amazon has the best deal. You’ll enjoy fast shipping, great prices and 5-star customer service. It doesn’t get much better than Amazon.

Plus, if anything is wrong with your safe, you can quickly return it on Amazon.

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