Best Concealed Carry Purse Buying Guide

Society is scary in 2018. Any time you turn on the news, you’ll find shootings, rapes, muggings and other forms of violence that make you question leaving your house. No one should have to live in this constant state of fear – it’s not good for your health.

But, it’s still a very real concern.

Women are often the target of violence, but some have chosen to fight back. Concealed carry has allowed women to face their assaulters head on, and it has led to many women going from potential victim to a woman filled with power and confidence.

Gun Purse Options - Concealed Carry Handbags For Sale

Concealed carry purses are huge right now because they allow a woman to conceal her handgun right in her purse. And these purses are much different than a traditional purse because they allow quick and easy access to a handgun.

There’s no fiddling around trying to find a gun underneath all of your receipts and wallet.

Purses designed for concealed carry make it quick and easy to access a handgun. And when looking to purchase your own purse, keep the following points in mind:

  • Storage. How much storage are you looking for? A lot of purses come with zippered openings and large compartments, but others have a lot less space. Some will also have built-in space for your credit cards.
  • Holster. The holster is a major concern because it may not fit your gun properly. Always check the holster’s adjustable options and the bag’s gun compartment size to ensure that your gun will fit properly.
  • Straps. The straps are important. You want a strap that is adjustable and ideally has built-in safety features, such as slash resistance.

Removable holsters may also be something to consider. Since some are removable, this will allow you to pick your own holster if for some reason the included one does not work well for you.

Gun Tote’n Mamas (GTM) Concealed Carry Purse

Gun Tote'n Mamas CCW Purse

Gun Tote’n Mamas offers a concealed carry purse that’s made with distressed buffalo leather. Full grain, the leather will start to darken as it ages and will also become softer. Carry handles are on top of the tote, and there’s also a cross-body design that allows you to carry the purse across your chest.

What’s nice about this purse is that it’s been designed for safety, so it offers:

  • Slash-resistant strap
  • Clip-on and off features
  • Adjustable strap options

You’ll find that this gun purse is spacious with the following compartments:

  • Main compartment that is zippered for added safety
  • 2 open pockets
  • Zippered privacy pocket
  • Concealment compartment

The concealment compartment has the following measurements: 7.5” H and 9” L. Left- and right-handed users can easily access the compartment, and a universal holster is also included. You can adjust the holster to fit the needs of your handgun.

Dual Velcro hooks are on each side of the conceal carry pouch to secure your gun in place.


  • Holster fits most guns
  • Slash resistant straps
  • Zippered main area


  • Smaller than what the picture depicts

If you’re looking for an extra-large purse, this model isn’t for you. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have more than enough space to carry all of your essentials. But some buyers assumed the purse would be larger than it is.

Aside from this one minor complaint, Gun Tote’n Mamas offers one of the best, most stylish totes on the market.


Roma F.C. Concealed Carry Purse

Roma F.C. Gun Purse
Genuine Roma Leather, this concealed carry purse has a left- or right-hand draw, and it has a locking concealed carry compartment. More of a purse than a tote, this purse comes in two color options and has a lot of resistant features, including:

  • Slash-resistant straps

If someone goes to slash the bag’s straps, they won’t be able to slash and steal the purse, as we’re seeing with a lot of robberies. Soft genuine leather is used with this purse, and it also provides ample room, including:

  • Zippered front
  • Credit card slots
  • Two zipper compartments on top

And the bag’s overall size is 11” x 9”x 3”. The most important compartment is the locking CCW compartment that comes with an adjustable holster. The holster is removable if you don’t like the pulse holster.


  • Left- and right-hand draw
  • Adjustable holster fits all handguns
  • Genuine leather


  • Heavy and lacks space

Roma F.C. is also a victim of a handbag that is too small for some users – everyone has their own preference. Aside from this one small complaint, the handbag is one of the most upscale concealed carry handbags on the market today.

Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Purse

Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Purse
Roma Leathers offer a leather locking concealment purse that has YKK zippers and two lockable concealment compartments. There are also four keys and a variety of color options to meet the design needs of every user.

Inside of the bag, you’ll find ample compartments and pockets, and the bag’s size is: 13” x 11” x 5.”

A holster is included with the bag, featuring a Velcro positioning holster that’s designed to adjust to the size of any handgun. There’s a stylish shoulder strap, too, that makes carry a breeze for all users.

The gun compartment does include two zippers, both 7.5” in size, with easy side access. The compartment is a spacious 7.5” x 10”. Extra storage can also be found on the side pockets. Two zippered pockets are also included in the purse’s design to allow for a secure way to carry all of your items.


  • Velcro adjustment holds gun securely
  • Large concealment pouch is perfect for guns of all sizes
  • Very stylish design with silver grommets on the shoulder strap


  • Complaints that it’s too big

The one complaint is the complete opposite of the previous two gun concealment purses we mentioned. A lot of women find that this purse is too big. If you’re on the market for a bigger purse, this is a great option for you.

Gun Tote’n Mamas Tooled Cowhide Handbag

Gun Tote’n Mamas Tooled Cowhide Handbag
GTM knows that their consumers prefer to conceal carry in style, and the Cowhide handbag is one of the industry’s most impressive bags. Offered in a very stylish black cherry, this bag also comes in black and features a strap for easy carry.

Hand carved mold offers a beautiful leaf pattern with multi-tone colors.

The holder is designed for left- and right-hand use, and the holder is adjustable to fit most guns. A shoulder strap is included with a 12” to 25” drop length (adjustable). Slash-resistant, the strap is 11-ply steel cable reinforced.

The strap can be clipped on and off, and the material will soften and turn a darker patina over time.

Side zip access is provided along with a top, zippered closure and a main compartment to hold all of your daily necessities. Zipper openings are on each side, and the gun compartment spans 8” x 5.5.”

The flap has a magnet snap, and the entire bag’s dimensions are: 10.25” W x 8” H and 3.5” D.


  • Cowhide leather and beautiful design
  • Large in size
  • Ample zippered access points


  • Strap is stiff and tangles easily

GTM offers some of the industry’s most impressive concealed carry purses, and this model is perhaps the most stylish. Functional, large in size and easy to organize, GTM exceeds user’s expectations with the Cowhide Handbag.