ideal conceal cell phone pistol

If you can carry your “pistol” with you anywhere without others realizing that you’re carrying you have reached peak protection. When it comes to self-defense, you need a reliable firearm that’s always with you.  The Ideal Conceal is a cellphone pistol that delivers stealth detection and real protection.

If someone goes to mug you or you get into a scuffle, a person may reach for your pistol to try and disarm you.

But when you’re using a cellphone pistol, you’ll be concealing in plain sight. No one suspects that you’ll use your phone in self-defense. Everyone has a smartphone – well, 5.1 billion people do.

Your pistol will blend in with your outfit, allowing you to protect yourself if the need arises while also stopping the looks from others when you carry normally.

What is Ideal Conceal?

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Lightweight and offered in one-piece frame, this simple design allows you to keep a .380 caliber, double barreled pistol at your side or in your purse. The item, when closed, looks very similar to a cell phone and has a one-click safety button that opens the pistol so that you can fire.

Slip the pistol in your back pocket and everyone around you will assume that you have a case on your smartphone.

But you’ll know that this pistol packs a lot more firepower than a phone.

Reviews from Insiders

In 2018, the company beyond Ideal Conceal showcased their prototype that was fully functional. The initial outpouring of support showed a high demand for this product, as more people want to carry and exercise their Second Amendment rights.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the unit is designed to look like a smartphone case, with rounded corners and everything.

You can confidently carry this item in your pocket or purse and never have to worry about a cumbersome holster holding you back. Functioning as a two-shot derringer, the pistol is a .380 caliber with a double-barrel design.

The entire frame is metal, so there’s no concern that the unit’s small, hidden design compromises on durability.

A few of the main features include:

  • Low profile sight (easy to overlook initially)
  • Collapsible handle
  • 8-pound trigger
  • Size similar to a larger iPhone

A lot of people assume that the pistol is going to be lightweight, but there’s a definite heft to it, even though it’s classified otherwise. The heft comes from the all-metal design, with the majority of the weight at the front of the Ideal Conceal.

Since the firearm is concealed from the start, it’s not uncommon to assume that it’s going to take a lot of time to actually fire. Simply point the pistol and push the button to release the unit for firing. It takes about two seconds to go from pulling out the firearm to the bullet leaving the chamber.

Once you pull out the firearm, this gives you enough time to make a choice to shoot or not. Ideally, the firearm will deescalate the situation the moment that you pull it out, but if it doesn’t, you have two shots to take to protect yourself.

The team at Ideal Conceal has released a video of them testing out their firearm so that you can better understand how fast you’ll be able to protect yourself. From being in the user’s pocket to shooting two bullets, the total time it took was 2.2 seconds.


In comparison to a standard firearm, this is about a second slower, but that’s expected, especially when the firearm isn’t one that people have used before. Now, you can hold this firearm differently to reduce shot time, too.

When holding the gun in your hand, you can take a shot in 1.5 seconds. Remember, the pistol is designed to look like a cellphone, so there’s ample time to hold the firearm like you’re holding a phone and then to take a shot.

There’s very little recoil when taking shots, and shots go off rapidly, allowing you to disable a threat quickly.

Loading is simple, too. You simply open the breach block away from the muzzle, slide in your two .380 ACP rounds and rotate the breach block again to put it into the closed position. It’s simple and easy to load your firearm, especially if you have experience with other double barrel pistols.

Ideal Conceal Specifications

  • 3-ounce weight when unloaded
  • 5” length
  • 75” width
  • 100% aluminum body
  • 100% Made in the USA

Height is a major concern for some users, so I thought it was important to list this spec separately. The height is 3” when the pistol is collapsed and 5.18” when the firearm is extended and ready for firing.

There are also some rumors that a laser is being created, as an optional purchase, that can fit right on to the pistol. While you can use the built-in sights and not have to concern yourself with a laser, it’s a nice addition for anyone who wants a higher accuracy shot.

How Much Does The Ideal Conceal Cost?

Ideal Conceal Gun Price

How much would you normally spend on a gun? Chances are, you’ll spend $400 to $500 for a good .380 caliber pistol. The Ideal Conceal with its sleek design concept and easy-to-hide design sells for just $550 (sometimes it’s $600 without a discount).

Pre-orders are currently ongoing, allowing you to secure your own cellphone pistol when it’s released. Backlogs are often a minimum of 60 days, so you’ll need to place your order and expect some wait time while the product is first released.

When you order, you can be confident that the firearm is 100% American made by a company that is 100% American owned.

Ideal Conceal is a game-changer for anyone who wants to conceal carry with a firearm that offers sequential fire while no one realizing it’s a smartphone. No one views a smartphone as a threat, so you can even keep this firearm on the table at a restaurant and no one will take a second look. Keep in mind that you must follow state and city local laws, and carrying in a restaurant may be prohibited.

If you’re on the market for a pistol that doesn’t make conceal carry intimidating, this is it. Preorders are being taken at this time.