Barska Gun Safe

Barska’s quick access biometric safe is ideal for rifles, and it’s the leading biometric case in its class. Designed specifically for riles, this case is made entirely of steel to keep your firearms close, but they’ll always be safe.

Feature-rich, the AX11652 can scan fingerprints in 2.5 seconds to allow for quicker access than fiddling with keys or combination codes.

barska quick access biometric rifle safe ax11652

Barska AX11652 Features

  • Scans in 2.5 seconds
  • Stores 120 fingerprints
  • One-button locking system
  • Room for four rifles
  • 3 pry-proof deadbolts
  • Silent mode
  • Hidden keyhole
  • Mounting hardware and holes

When you set up the Barska fingerprint rifle safe, you’ll be able to store up to 120 fingerprints in the unit’s central database. The fingerprints can be scanned in a matter of 2.5 seconds, so you can access the rile quickly.

There’s an emergency backup battery pack, and all you need is four AA batteries to keep the unit running. Batteries will last for up to one year.

But if you do get locked out of your safe, there’s a hidden keyhole along with backup keys provided. If for some reason the batteries die, you can use the keys to access your rifle at any time.

An external power supply is also provided. The external power can be hooked up to the safe to allow you to use the fingerprint scanner to enter the safe. While it’s always best to have fresh batteries inside of the safe, the external power is a good safeguard.

Tone notifications occur when the battery is running low, so you’ll know when it’s time to replace your unit’s batteries.

There’s a two-button design that will lock and unlock the safe at lightning speed.

Tamper Resistant and Secure

Barska Rifle Safe

Barska wants your rifles to be safe, and this starts with a full steel body. The 100% steel body keep your rifles safe, but we all know that people can pry open most safes. Barska includes tamper-resistant edges to keep thieves from prying the safe open.

There are also three, pry-proof steel deadbolts.

Accessing the safe without fingerprint scanning or without keys is nearly impossible. With 3.7 million home invasions per year, securing your rifles is key to your safety.

This unit has passed the following tests:

  • Drop
  • Pry
  • Pick
  • Saw

And the unit has been created to Department of Justice standards for all firearm storage. Keep in mind that this safe is not fire proof.

The unit’s specifications are:

  • 2mm thickness
  • 62-pound weight
  • 75” x 8.63” x 52.13” exterior dimensions
  • 7” x 7.63” x 52” interior dimensions

Deadbolts have a thickness of 5/8”.

Securing the Barska Fingerprint Rifle Safe

child proof rifle safe

The best biometric gun safe for rifles comes with pre-drilled holes and all of the mounting hardware to properly secure your safe. Securing the safe takes minutes, and securing is highly recommended to keep your safe and rifles from theft.

There are a total of six pre-drilled mounting holes at the back of the safe and four mounting holes on the bottom.

Storage Options for All of Your Valuables

home defense safe

Barska offers numerous storage options with their safe, and four rifles can be stored in the case using the rifle rack. A rifle rack allows for quick, straight-line removal or placement of all rifles. When trying to retrieve a rifle during a home invasion, the quick-to-organize rifle rack ensures you can grab your rifle without dropping any other rifles in the process.

There’s also an accessory shelf at the top of the safe.

You can store a variety of items on this shelf, including:

  • Ammo
  • Accessories
  • Handgun

Keep in mind that since the safe is not fireproof, you will not want to store your highly sensitive documents in the case. These documents may include your passport or birth certificate which many people store in safes.

What Users are Saying

Barska Safe

Consumers are raving about this rifle safe, and one key thing we keep seeing is just how fast you can access your rifles. The slim fit of the unit allows it to be mounted next to most closets, and when accessing the safe, it takes under 3 seconds to open and grab a rifle.

With 25% of people home alone during invasions, it’s extremely important to have quick access to your rifles and ammunition.

Others are saying:

  • Awesome and keeps my three weapons secure from kids
  • Great safe for emergencies
  • Perfect safe for up to four long guns
  • Nice safe with a very small footprint

Barska safes offer you state-of-the-art fingerprint technology with the utmost of security features. You’ll be able to keep kids out of the safe, protect your rifles and have quick access to your rifles when you need them most.

Barska offers a one-year warranty on all safes.

If you have rifles and need somewhere safe to store them, secure your Barska safe to the wall, and you’ll have one of the most secure safes in the industry available.