SecureIT aims to redefine gun storage, and the company does this better than anyone in the industry.

In fact, the company offers gun storage solutions to the world’s military – that’s impressive.

SecureIT Gun Storage

You’ll change the way that you store your guns when choosing the company’s residential gun storage solutions.

SecureIT has been able to expand their offerings by working directly with weapon specialists and armorers around the world.

Flexible storage solutions and ergonomically designed solutions allow for maximum safety while being able to meet the stringent needs of the world’s militaries.

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Introducing SecureIT’s CradleGrid Technology

What makes SecureIT different?

If you look at the company’s residential gun lockers or gun safes, you’ll find that there’s an intelligent gun storage system in place. The intelligent storage system revolves around one key advancement: CradleGrid Technology.

Since firearm storage remained in a stagnant state for years, SecureIT decided it was time to change the way that gun storage works.

CradleGrid Technology

Working alongside the U.S. Army Special Forces, SecureIT developed their own patented technology that’s able to adapt to any situation. Elegant and simple, the technology has three main components:

  • Grid panel
  • Cradles
  • Tiered base system

All of the SecureIT components work together to allow for firearms to be easily repositioned. The grid panel is attached to the back wall of the safe or cabinet, and the cradles can be repositioned to meet the unique needs of your firearm.

Reconfigure the entire storage system without the need of tools or other pieces of equipment.

There are optional bungees that are also adjustable that go over the barrel of the gun. And the base of the system is tiered so that the butt-stock of the firearm can sit properly on an angle.

There is no need for guns to be leaning against each other or to worry about optics – these storage systems accommodate it all.

SecureIT started as a military gun storage unit, but after changing the way that the military stores its weapons, the company wanted to bring their technology to hunters and homeowners.

All cabinets are:

  • NOT cheap cases using carpeting or drywall
  • NOT designed using corrosives, which damage your firearm
  • NOT shiny show pieces that can be cut open with a $20 saw

Valuables are secured without drawing attention. SecureIT changes the way that you store your firearms forever.

Residential Gun Storage Solutions by SecureIT

Military personnel are already using these storage solutions, but there are plenty of options available for residential purposes. You’ll be able to store all of your firearms securely with technology that has been developed alongside military and weapons specialists.

The solutions that are best-suited for residential use include:

SecureIT Ultralight Gun Safe Reviews

The Agile Ultralight Gun Safe is a series of different safes. The series includes the following:

  • SecureIT Agile Model 52
  • SecureIT Agile Model 40

There are also two different kits available:

  1. Bin Kit 34BN Bundle
  2. High-Density Storage Kit

You’ll also find that there’s a Quad Model 52 and 40. The Quad Model is a massive storage solution that most residents will not need, but it’s exactly as it sounds:

  • Four cabinets stacked in a 2 x 2 design
  • The height of the unit is 92” with a width of 40” and a depth of 15”
  • 2 Model 52 Cabinets
  • 2 Model 40 Cabinets

This is an impressive storage option for smaller police stations and in-home gun collectors. You’ll save money when purchasing the quad setup over purchasing each unit separately, too.

If you’re curious in the kits, they include the following:

  1. Bin Kit 34BN Bundle. This bundle comes with three large bins, four medium bins and two steel storage trays.
  2. High-Density Storage Kit. This kit includes a rifle and gear shelf, pistol peg rack and two large bins with dividers.

And these kits can be used with either gun safe that you choose. Now that you know which options are available, let’s take a look at what the Model 52 and Model 40 have to offer.

SecureIT Model 52 Agile Gun Safe

SecureIT Model 52 Safe

SecureIT’s Agile Model 52 comes with the same SecureIT CradleGrid technology that the military uses, but the 52 is designed to be disassembled and reassembled in minutes. Offering a premium, heavy-duty exterior, this gun cabinet has the following dimensions:

  • 52-inch height
  • 20-inch width
  • 15-inch depth
  • 105lbs weight

Heavy-duty steel keeps your firearms safe, and each cabinet comes with the following key features:

  • Keypad control panel to access firearms
  • Key override if the keypad batteries die
  • 3-point locking system that’s recessed for the utmost security
  • Storage of up to six, 50-inch firearms

Any rifle with a scope will fit perfectly in the Model 52. Straight-line access to firearms allows you to open the cabinet and grab any firearm you need without moving others in the process. The back panel comes with a lowered back panel grid that utilizes six upper cradles to keep firearms secure.

There are three stock bases, too.

Adjust the bases to accommodate scoped ARs, rifles and other firearms. This is a nice touch since rifle sizes vary in length.

When opening the cabinet, you’ll find that all of the connectivity occurs inside of the cabinet. There are no exterior hinges, and all connectors are secured with interior bolts.

The exterior of the safe may look familiar to you, but when you open it up, there’s a world of difference. When it comes to practical firearm storage, SecureIT allows for common-sense storage without rifles bumping into each other or falling over.

SecureIT Model 40 Add-On

The Agile Model 40 is identical to the Model 52 in features, but the one key difference is sizes.

These units are designed to fit on top of the Model 52.

You’ll be able to store six firearms up to a 38” length, and the dimensions of this cabinet is:

  • 40-inch height
  • 20-inch width
  • 15-inch depth
  • 90lbs weight

Everything else is the same. If you’re in the market for a smaller cabinet, then the Model 40 is the right choice for you.

SecureIT TRUE Gun Safe

SecureIT TRUE Gun Safe

The TRUE Gun Safe is above and beyond – it’s one of the best that SecureIT offers.

Why would you choose this safe over the Agile series? For starters, this safe is cement composite-filled double steel walls that aim to protect against:

  • Fire
  • Theft

You can have the company arrange the installation of the safe for you, or you can opt to install it yourself. Double steel and cement-filled, this model weighs 1,280 pounds, so you can be confident that no one is going to be carrying this safe out of your home.

true safe dimensions

The dimensions of the safe are:

  • 5-inch height
  • 25-inch width
  • 75-inch depth

The side walls of the TRUE have 2.5” of cement filling along with the top and floor of the safe.


The door itself has 4” of cement, and the body is reinforced with angle-iron. The unit has hardened steel bolts and five active locking bolts. There’s a three-way configuration included, too.

If the hinges are removed, no-entry is possible.

Drill attacks are stopped thanks to the independent relocking design. There’s a hard plate between the door plate and the lock bolt that further deters drilling into the safe. You’ll find that the back panel is also louvered with eight cradles, removable bungees and four stock bases which are able to secure two guns per base.

There’s a storage shelf to keep all of your ammo safe.

And entry into the safe uses the industry’s best lock features:

  • 6-digit codes
  • Lockout after four incorrect codes entered
  • Single master code for entry override
  • Group 1 EMP-proof lock
  • Motor driven lock

Eight firearms can fit inside of the TRUE safe with limitless configuration options. But it gets even better with the additional storage that’s available with the door organizer. The organizer has pouches, Velcro and other options to store guns.

An internal shelf is also available that allows you to store laptops, jewelry or other valuables.

When it comes to storing your firearms and valuables, the TRUE safe is going to offer the utmost in secure storage.

If you have more than eight firearms and don’t need straight-line access, a rod system can be used to hold up to 20 guns or more inside the safe. The main thing to consider is optics, which tend to take up more room inside the safe.

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SecureIT Fast Box Gun Safe

SecureIT has a lot of high-end storage solutions for firearms, but you might not have a high-end rifle that needs storage. In fact, you may need to keep your handgun in close proximity if a robber breaks into your home.

There are the Fast Box safes available that will be able to meet your needs.

There are two main models:

  1. Model 47
  2. Model 40

And the price difference is just $10, so it’s really up to you as to which model you choose. These are considered hidden gun safes, and they’re what I would use to store guns under my bed or in a closet.

SecureIT’s Fast Box Model 47

The SecureIT gun safe can be mounted in key locations around the house, including under the bed. The Model 47 offers 46.5” of self-defense storage, and you can also secure multiple Fast Box 47s together for larger storage applications.

The dimensions of the safe are:

  • 5-inch height
  • 47-inch width
  • 13-inch depth
  • 47lbs weight

Ideal for quick access in close quarters, these safes are designed to be hidden. It’s lightweight, which means that someone can run off with the safe. However, you can secure it. The safe allows you to store up to two firearms.

The 13” depth allows for a magazine attached to a rifle or storage with a scope.

Key override is also available if you forget the access code. Neoprene pad cushions are available. Button combinations can be set between a single digit code and an eight-digit code.

SecureIT’s Fast Box Model 40

SecureIT’s Model 40 is just like the Model 47, but it has slightly different dimensions. This model has the following dimensions:

  • 5-inch height
  • 40-inch width
  • 13-inch depth
  • 45lbs weight

Both the Model 40 and 47 have three-point locking systems, recessed doors, heavy-duty steel construction and quick-release tie-down straps.

When it comes to an affordable, quick-access solution for just one or two handguns, the Fast Box series of safes are ideal.

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