An innovative self-defense kit that includes the best selling S1 SALT pepper spray gun, the S1 kit comes packed with spray rounds, practice rounds, a carrying case and a seven-round magazine.

It is the best non-lethal self-defense product on the market.   It allows you to quickly dissolve any threat with non-lethal force.

What Caliber Is The SALT Supply Pepper Spray Gun?

Salt Pepper Spray Gun Kit


SALT is a military-strength salt gun that has been proven safe and effective by State Police, the U.S. Military and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. If any of these agencies is able to use a salt pistol to help diffuse a situation, you can bet that a normal citizen will be able to protect themselves from threats using this pepper spray pistol.

The “kit” comes with the industry’s best pepper spray gun and:

  • 1 case that is lockable
  • 1, 7-round magazine
  • 10 practice rounds
  • 10 pepper spray rounds

You have more than one shot with the SALT Supply, so if you miss the target the first time, you can still try and defend yourself. Since you’re just getting acquainted with this pepper spray pistol, you’ll want to try out a few shots to see how it shoots and get a feel of the accuracy of the pistol.

SALT provides ten practice rounds, which will provide you with the ammo you need to test out your own self-defense gun without wasting your pepper spray in the process.

A lot of competing models do not offer this many rounds, nor do they offer practice rounds for you to get a real feel for your salt gun.

Over 5,000+ agencies have classified this device as safe and effective. If you’re going to use a pepper spray for your own personal safety, this is the one model on the market that has extensive testing and is trusted by law enforcement.

How to Use the SALT Supply S1 SALT Gun

Salt Self Defense Gun


SALT knows that defense is best when it’s at a distance. You don’t want to be in arm’s reach of an attacker and have to pull out your pepper spray. While you can’t plan the distance that an assailant will be when you need to defend yourself, the more distance the better.

The SALT is shaped like a traditional firearm, but it is designed to shoot rounds of powdered pepper spray.

Powdered versions of pepper spray allow for a cloud of spray to hit a person on impact. If there are two people you’re trying to defend yourself from, the cloud will incapacitate both of them if they’re standing close together.

But it gets even better: the gun shoots 150+ feet.

You can get away from danger and then go on the defense and shoot a non-lethal shot at someone.

If you were using traditional spray, you would have to be within 6 to 10 feet of the person to spray them to cause incapacitation.

Using the gun is easy. You don’t have to worry about:

  • Loud bangs
  • Strong kicks

You can keep the gun loaded indefinitely – it’s recommended – so that you’re always ready to use it to defend yourself.

A CO2 cylinder is needed to fire the rounds. Simply put the cylinder in the pepper spray pistol, fill the magazine with the rounds and pull the trigger when you need to defend yourself.

The CO2 will cause the round to travel at 320 feet per second, so the person you’re defending yourself against will have less than a half-a-second to react and move. If your aim is good, you can be confident that the round will hit the person.

Impact will stun the person, with the impact being similar to a ball hitting you at 50MPH+.

The further away you are from the target, the less accurate the shot will be. You’ll have about 120-feet of accurate range before the accuracy starts to diminish. Putting this into perspective, traditional pepper sprays or even tasers will not be able to reach the target at this range.

Since the round is a peppered version, there will be a 5-foot toxic cloud between you and the assailant. The cloud will provide an extra barrier of protection that allows you to get to safety.

In terms of effectiveness, the SALT Supply S1 is far more effective than the small, handheld pepper sprays that you’ll find in some stores.

When a round hits someone, it will cause:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Temporary blindness

The person will be in immediate distress. You don’t want to stick around at this point. Get yourself to safety while the person is in distress, and then call the police.

If you have a family, this is the defensive option you want in your home. The rounds are non-lethal, so even if your kids somehow open the locked box, they will not be able to cause any permanent damage with the SALT Supply.

But if an intruder does enter the home, the shot will be enough to disable the person and allow you to get your family to safety.


How Long Does the SALT Supply S1 Incapacitate People?

You’ve shot the pepper spray at someone, and you have disabled the person for the time-being. How long can you expect the threat to be subdued? In most cases, you’ll find that the person is in pain and disabled for 15 minutes.

The effects of the shot will linger for 15 to 30 minutes.

The cloud that is formed from the shot will last 3 to 5 minutes, acting as an additional form of protection from the SALT Supply.

Each round is .68 caliber, with rounds lasting up to five years.

Since you can be a far distance away from the attacker, you do not have to use a mask when using the pepper spray. There is very little risk of blow back causing you to be impacted with the spray. If you’re standing close to the person you’re trying to defend against, there is a slight chance that you’ll be exposed to the chemicals.

It’s best to try and put distance between you and the point of impact.

What is nice about this form of pepper spray is that you don’t have to be highly accurate when shooting. Sure, it’s ideal if the impact hits the target, but the peppered spray will scatter in a five-foot radius around impact.

You can shoot a wall or furniture that is near the threat, and the peppered spray will hit the person and cause them to be disabled from the pepper.

The gun is metal, but it’s lightweight and will be easy enough for men and women to carry on them. Since this is not a firearm, there is no reason to have a concealed carry license when using this gun.

You can even bring this device on a plane, but you will not be allowed to bring it on in a carry-on. You will need to keep the S1 in your luggage and have it checked in.

Note: Since there is a tear gas component in the pepper spray, some states will not allow the shipment of this item. California, for example, does not allow Salt to ship their S1 to consumers in the state.

Reliable and Ready for 5 Years

Salt Pistol Review

SALT Supply needs to be reliable for you to protect your family. You’ll find that most pepper spray products start to go bad in 2 – 3 years. The reason for these products losing their potency can be:

  • Pepper spray ingredients begin to degrade over time
  • CO2 cartridges start to lose their potency

A lot of pepper spray devices use aerosol to eject the pepper spray. The problem with aerosol is that after a year or two, the spray is no longer effective. You may be able to get a burst or two of pepper spray out of the device, but then it will die out.

SALT Supply knew that if it was to create the best pepper spray gun, the company would need to create a device with a long shelf life. The shelf life of the device is 5 years, or double the shelf life of competing models.

You’ll be able to rely on the SALT when you need to defend your family.

But you still need to be cautious of the CO2 cartridge shelf life. The cartridge shelf life for a 12g CO2 cartridge is 5 years, so if you need to replace your cartridge, you’ll also need to replace all of your rounds.

After you have punctured the CO2 cartridge, it will have about a three-hour use time. It’s ideal to replace the cartridge after usage to ensure that the S1 is ready if you need to defend yourself.

I would change out both every four years for added safety, but that is just me being a little extra cautious.

The SALT Supply S1 is the best overall pepper spray gun on the market. Users love it. The lack of strong recoil and 120-feet accuracy allow for a fast, confident shot. Over 5,000+ military and police personnel back this product’s safety and effectiveness.

Every SALT pepper spray pistol is made and manufactured in the United States.