Piexon Inc., the maker of the JPX Pepper Gun, has been in business for over 13 years with one main goal: create high-end solutions for the self-defense problems people face daily. Lethal force isn’t always the best force.

JPX pepper spray guns provide fast, accurate shots that quickly disable an assailant without issues that OC delivery-precision had when shooting long range.

The JPX is the company’s main product, and it’s one of the best in the industry.


How Do the JPX Pepper Guns Work?

Shooting long-range with a pepper spray gun has a lot of side effects with OC delivery. JPX worked on overcoming these side effects with a 14x109mm canister. The canister has a syringe that is designed to hold a piston between two discs.

Piexon’s OC formula remains between the upper disc and the piston.

The technology allows for the unit to utilize all of the OC left in the canister to ensure that the spray can travel seven meters and maintain its precision.


JPX 4 Shot Pepper Gun Review

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JPX products provide assurance that when you need a pepper spray gun to defend yourself, the company has a gun that will work. The leading JPX Pepper Gun for sale is the JPX4 which uses the company’s multi-shot OC delivery system praised by law enforcement.

The highly potent irritants can cause severe discomfort with irritation lasting up to an hour.


Four Shot Pepper Gun

The 4-shot is a powerful pepper spray gun that is often used by law enforcement because of its fast bursts and effectiveness. Made in Switzerland, this compact gun boasts a polymer material and has a high-grade OC solution that will last for up to an hour.

With four chambers, the four shot allows you to shoot four quick shots in precession that go:

  • 23 feet in range
  • 590 feet per second

If you take a shot, the assailant will have little-to-no time to react. You’ll be able to disable the person quickly with a less-lethal solution than a standard firearm.

Shipping is available anywhere in the US expect New York.

Rapid-fire shots can help empty all four canisters in just five seconds. With good aim, you’ll be able to disable multiple threats.

Replacement is Quick

Cartridges are sold in packs of four, but you can replace each unit separately. You’ll find that most cartridges have a three-year expiration date on them. The expiration date is important because if expired, the formula will be less potent and effective.

Holster Options

The unit does not come with a holster, so you’ll want to buy one from a third-party. A holster will allow you to confidently carry around the four shot.

Speed is a factor when using any pepper spray gun. You need a forceful spray that can hit long range targets and also minimize blowback risks. With a speed of over 400 MPH, the shot doesn’t have the blowback concerns that you experience with aerosol sprays.


  • 4 rapid shots
  • Potent OC solution
  • 590 FPS speed
  • 23-foot range


  • Expensive

JPX is used by law enforcement because it’s one of the most potent, non-lethal methods available to subdue an attacker. You’ll be able to rapidly deescalate a situation and carry the JPX pepper spray gun with confidence because it’s not considered a firearm.

You can use these shots against people and animals. We’ve read about one person that used their shot on a threatening dog that quickly ran away.


Two Shot Pepper Gun

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JPX’s two shot pepper gun fires at the blazing speed of 405 MPH, and it’s more affordable than the four-shot model. You won’t find many law enforcement officers using this model because the extra shots are very important in high threat situations.

Two magazines are present, and you can replace each magazine individually as needed.

No batteries are required, so you can be confident that the Two Shot will be ready to fire when you need it. The solution boasts 4 million SHU which is going to cause severe irritation to any threat you encounter: human or animal.

A case is included with your purchase, so you’ll be able to easily keep the spray gun out of the reach of children or guests.

The unit does come with its own nylon holster, but you can also use other holsters if you don’t find this unit to your liking.

Liquid shots offer the same benefit as the four shot with no concerns of blowback and blinding yourself while trying to protect yourself.


  • Two foot spread on impact
  • Two separate canisters
  • 405 MPH shots


  • Not ideal for law enforcement

One downside of the JPX two shot is that the spray gun doesn’t have a lot of shots. While great for home intrusions or situations where you may need to take down a single threat, you will need to reload if you have to fire more than two shots.

Reloading is time consuming, and for police officers, the two additional shots can save lives.

Otherwise, a homeowner trying to protect themselves or someone that wants something a lot more powerful than an aerosol pepper spray for protection will find that the two shot is a great alternative option with a lot of power and a long range.


Where to Buy JPX Pepper Guns?

JPX pepper guns are best purchased at a retailer that everyone knows and loves: Amazon. You’ll find that JPX sells their own goods on Amazon, and you can browse reviews and benefit from lower pricing and free shipping.