Firearms Legal Protection

Firearms Legal Protection helps prepare you and your family if you must use your firearm for safety. Even when you’re in your right to protect yourself and discharge your firearm, it’s important to think about the consequences.

Once discharged, you can’t go back. You may face a lawsuit even if the other person is slightly injured, dead or was in the wrong.

Firearm insurance provides you with the legal protection you didn’t know you needed when you first purchased your firearm.

What Does Firearms Legal Protection Offer?

firearms legal protection reviews

Legal protection is the key selling point of the company. You need legal protection, and they offer three key tiers of service:

  1. Individual Basic
  2. Individual Premium
  3. Family Premium

Each tier is slightly higher in price and allows you to gain protection in several different ways.

Individual Basic

An Individual Basic plan will cost $14.95 per month or $179 annually. As the lowest tier plan, the Individual Basic offers:

  • Applicable insurance for all legal weapons in your possession.
  • Legal defense for any criminal cases that may result from firearm usage.
  • Defense for any civil suits that may arise because of your weapon usage.
  • Uncapped attorney fees are also provided so that you can be sure you’ll receive the best legal defense possible.
  • Extreme risk protection for any of the states that are now following Red Flag Laws.
  • Emergency hotline that is open 24/7 to answer all your calls and questions.

Local attorneys are available so that you can be confident that your attorney specializes in local laws and knows your local courtrooms.

Individual Premium

The Individual Premium policy is slightly higher in cost and will cost $24.95 a month or $299 annually. An Individual Premium plan includes everything in the Individual Basic plan and a few extras, including:

  • Benefits in all 50 states.
  • $250,000 bail bond protection to quickly get you out of jail.
  • 100% coverage of all fees associated with investigations and expert witnesses.
  • Clean-up of the incident scene so that you don’t have to go back to a gruesome scene.
  • Reimbursement for all your wages lost.
  • Confiscation payment for your firearm.

You’ll also gain access to the “MY FLP” app which you can use to control your policy and submit claims.

Family Premium

Family Premium is the highest tier available and will have a cost of $39.95 or $479 annually. Costs will not include any additional benefits different from the Individual Premium. The plan, instead, offers coverage that will extend to:

  • Spouses
  • All minors

If your spouse or children must use a weapon to defend themselves or your home, this policy will provide the coverage needed for everyone in the home to be 100% covered for their actions.

A typical insurance plan would require you to have to pay all of your attorney fees upfront and the policy would reimburse you for all of your costs with a few restrictions in place. When you have a policy with Firearms Legal Protection, you don’t have to pay a dime out of your own pocket. Your legal costs are covered whether you receive an acquittal or you end up going to prison.

Note: Plans and pricing may vary depending on the state you live in. Residents of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina pay less than in other states.


Setup Fees You Should Know About

It’s very easy to overlook the setup fees that may come with a plan.

I had to dig down to the bottom of the plan page to find that:

  • A $19.95 fee is assessed for all individual plans
  • A $39.90 fee is assessed for all families

Both of these fees are one-time fees and will be added into your first month’s payment.


What are Red Flag Laws?

red flag laws

Fifteen states have passed Red Flag Laws and these same laws are pending in 21 other states. What these laws are legally called are Extreme Risk Protection Orders. The laws are in place to offer protection to gun owners.

The law will take firearms away from a person before they can use them for harm.

No one is going to simply walk into your home and take your firearm away. Instead, you must be thought to be a person that is either a:

  • Threat to themselves
  • Threat to another person

You, the accused, will not be present during the hearing where legal professionals will determine if law enforcement should come in and remove your firearms.

If you want to get your guns back, you’ll need to prove that you’re not a threat to yourself or others. All Firearms Legal Protection policyholders will have protection against these laws. An attorney will be able to help you prove your case and potentially help you reclaim your firearms as a result.


Firearms Legal Protection Reviews

The plans from Firearms Legal Protection has a lot of third-party reviews. The consensus is that everyone is happy with the insurance that they receive. Uncapped attorney fees are a huge benefit because most policies do not offer this level of protection.

But there is one complaint: coverage.

If you used your firearm outside of your home state, the coverage will not apply to you unless you pay additional premiums for nationwide ccw coverage. Keep in mind that the insurance policies are only available in 30 states, so there is a limit on who can obtain a policy.

Firearms Legal Protection is one of the insurance companies that often goes overlooked when seeking insurance as a firearms owner. The company’s plans are designed to fit into any budget, and the plans will make sure that you can:

  • Pay legal fees
  • Pay for bills

You’re even able to pay for any attorney fees relating to your case when trying to get your firearm back under Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

Private lawyers, versus working with a public defender, means that you’ll be working with an attorney that can put the necessary time and resources into your case. Public defenders may be well-trained and some of the best lawyers available, but their caseloads are massive leaving very little time to spend on your case.