cannon safari 36 gun safe

Are you looking for a high capacity safe to store 24-48 rifles?

If so, you will want to check out the range of Cannon gun safes. Cannon gun safes are popular with buyers, and they have a safe for every size that you might need. If you only have 24 rifles (or less), you will want to have a look at the Cannon Safari 24 gun safe. If you have 25-36 rifles to store, the Cannon Safari 36 gun safe is the right one for you.

What if you have more guns to store away securely?

The Cannon Safari 48 gun safe has got you covered and as the name implies can hold up to 48 guns.

Cannon Gun Safe Reviews

Since the Cannon 24 Safari gun safe, the Cannon Safari 36 gun safe, and the Cannon Safari 48 gun safe are all part of the same series, we can examine the features for each of them at the same time.

Each of these Cannon gun safes includes 30 minutes of fire protection for your guns and other valuables, and secures with locking bolts and internal hinges. Adjustable shelving allows you to rearrange the interior as you see fit. If for example you only have 30 guns to store and you purchase the 36 gun safe, you might add some internal shelving for other valuables. If however you do have 36 guns to store, you might want to remove all that shelving so you can make full vertical use of the gun safe capacity (or buy a larger safe, like the Safari 48).

Customer Reviews For Cannon Safari Gun Safes

What do Cannon gun safe reviews have to say about the Cannon Safari 24 gun safe, the Cannon Safari 36 gun safe, and the Cannon Safari 48 gun safe? These are all very highly rated Cannon gun safes, and the Cannon gun safe reviews for each of these models are overwhelmingly positive. Ranging from around $220-$1,000, any one of them is an excellent deal.

Customers praise the sturdiness and weight of the safe. They also liked the fact that the shelving is adjustable to your needs, and that you can utilize the interior space in any way that suits you. The safe can be bolted to the ground, which customers say is a bit challenging, but still not too difficult. You can change the lock battery from the outside of the safe.

Again, these are all basically the same safe; it is only the capacity which differs.

Cannon gun safes are high in quality and include an abundance of excellent features. Read Cannon gun safe reviews, and you will see how satisfied customers are with these safes. Which one should you get? It all depends on how much space you need.

Remember to account for all the items you are planning on storing in your safe, not just your rifles! If you are also going to be putting handguns and other valuables inside and utilizing the shelves, you may need a larger capacity than you think. If for example you plan on storing 32 rifles and using all the shelves, you probably should get the 48 capacity Safari gun safe and not the 36 capacity safe. Check the dimensions, do your math, and choose the best safe for you!