top rated fingerprint gun safes

Biometric gun safes offer you additional security that manual safes do not offer.  These safes offer advanced functionality, including Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to view access and attempt logs, send alerts and also provide an alert system that will send notifications to your phone.

The industry’s top biometric safes come in multiple sizes, with one to two handgun capacity being the maximum that these small safes provide.

We’ve reviewed the top biometric gun safes on the market this year.

Our Picks For The Best Fingerprint Gun Safe

1. Verifi Smart Safe – FBI Certified

Verifi Smart Safe s6000
Verifi’s Smart Safe comes in three sizes to better meet the needs of gun owners. Sizes include 0.28 cu. ft., 0.52 cu. ft. and 0.85 cu. ft. FBI certified, high-resolution fingerprints allow for quicker, more accurate recognition.


  • Runs a self-diagnosis test to ensure that the safe is always ready for usage for fast access.
  • Tamper alerts are logged with timestamps to know of unauthorized entry and reset attempts.
  • Auto-lock features allow for quick locking and adds security when in a rush.
  • Mountable to the floor or wall to prevent theft.
  • Stores up to 40 fingerprints to allow for an entire family or group to keep their fingerprints stored.
  • Quick user management portal with the option to add names, edit privileges, and edit or remove user access.
  • LED interior light makes it easy to see and pick a firearm in low light conditions.


  • Consumer complaint that a fingerprint error code would not allow access to the safe. Customer service honored the warranty and replaced the safe.
  • Battery life is stated to be years, but a lot of consumers claim that their Verifi Smart Safe’s battery depletes in months.

2. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe

BILLCONCH Biometric Safe
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Offering four ways to unlock your safe, this safe can fit two handguns and comes with an accompanying app. The unit is more affordable than other models, and you’ll also find that it’s feature-rich.


  • A two-gun capacity, this safe also doubles as a car safe and a jewelry box.
  • An auto-open lid makes it quick and easy to be able to grab the contents of your safe without worrying that it will close on accident.
  • One of my favorite features is that the safe also comes with a rechargeable battery, so you never have to worry about the battery dying and not being able to get into the safe.
  • App control allows you to use Bluetooth to connect to your safe, manage fingerprints and also view all of the access records of the safe.
  • Four methods of unlocking the safe are available, including 0.1 second fingerprint access.


  • Weighs just three pounds, so it’s very easy to transport. The problem is that it can easily be stolen, too.
  • Designed primarily for use in the car, but I have seen other consumers keep the unit in their homes.

3. Vaultek VTi Biometric Safe

Vaultek VTi
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The VTi  is a camo safe with a high capacity that makes it a perfect safe for anyone that owns a lot of handguns. Heavy-duty, 14-gauge carbon steel makes the VTi a strong, durable safe that comes with five-point entry.


  • Anti-theft is the signature of Vaultek, with the safe offering dual anti-impact latches, anti-pry bars and interior hinges.
  • Multiple handguns will fit inside of the safe, making it a great choice for anyone that owns multiple firearms.
  • Five-point entry includes a biometric scanner, smart key, backlit keypad, manual keys and Bluetooth app.
  • Responsive LED interior light illuminates the safe’s contents to make it easier to access the safe’s interior.
  • App allows you to adjust everything from the LED lighting to sound, manage fingerprints, view history and even monitor the battery’s status.


  • Shipping seems to be an issue, with a lot of consumers having their safe chipped or damaged upon arrival.
  • Fingerprint malfunctions often, making the fingerprint access very unreliable – although it does have some of the most robust unlocking options.

4. Vaultek VT10i Lightweight Safe

Vaultek VT10i
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Vaultek’s VT10i is a lightweight, biometric safe that comes with Bluetooh, auto-open lid and a rechargeable battery. The unit is not smart key compatible, but there is an array of great features available.


  • Low profile and ultra-portable, the VT10i is designed to hold a single firearm, a few documents and some of your valuables.
  • Vaultek’s signature security features are incorporated into the safe’s design, including interior hinges, anti-impact latches and additional safety options.
  • Biometric technology allows for rapid fire entry and the option to use a key pad to access the safe.
  • Rechargeable battery that has an average lifespan of four months and charges within just 2.5 hours.
  • App access allows for easy fingerprint management, history logs and access information.


  • When interior is filled, it makes it difficult to close or open the safe properly.
  • Not designed to fit more than one firearm, so it’s not an ideal choice for someone that owns multiple weapons.
  • Some units will have problems with the scanner, and if this is the case, you should return the safe because It’s a known defect.

5. SentrySafe QAP1BE Digital Safe

QAP1BE safe

SentrySafe’s is a great option for a gun owner that wants a small footprint safe that has a two handgun capacity. One large pistol and ammunition can fit in the safe, so you have several storage options.


  • Multiple options are available, with a single or dual capacity option available.
  • Gas strut design opens the safe door quickly and quietly with single-hand opening options to make access quick.
  • Solid steel with pry resistance makes this one of the industry’s safest, most secure cases on the market.
  • California DOJ certified, so the safe has to meet some of the industry’s highest standards.
  • Fingerprint scanner takes a while to open, but it is highly accurate.


  • The gas strut is a nice feature, but after several years of usage, some owners claim that the gas strut no longer functions properly.
  • Batteries will die in just a few months, and using rechargeable batteries is often not an option due to the high energy demands.

6. Vaultek MX Wi-Fi Safe
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The MX is a Wi-Fi safe that can hold multiple pistols and offers smartphone functionality to ensure that you’re alerted of any attempts to access the safe. The door will open automatically to allow for easy access into the safe.


  • Multiple pistol capacity allows you to store your pistols, ammo and any documents you want safely inside of the safe.
  • Smartphone connectivity allows you to receive alerts when the safe is trying to be accessed.
  • Automatic door opening further allows you to have rapid access to the interior of the safe so that you can quickly and securely gain access to the safe’s contents.
  • Battery is rechargeable, allowing for long, reliable access to the firearms.
  • Four-point access allows you to access the contents with your smart key, fingerprint, manual key or keypad, which is backlit for easy access even in the middle of the night.
  • Can keep the safe plugged into an outlet to allow for access at all times without fear of a depleted battery.


  • Safe is not fireproof or waterproof, and for the price, a lot of users expect the safe to at least offer some added safety.
  • Wi-Fi functionality has issues for some users, with little help from customer service.

What to Look for in a Biometric Safe

Biometric gun safes are secure, but what features should you be looking for as a consumer? A few of the key features and snippets to pull out of reviews when purchasing a biometric safe are:

  • Battery. What is the battery life of the safe? You want to make sure that when you go to open the safe, the battery isn’t dead. Read through reviews and products specs to see how long the battery life should last.
  • Storage. Internal storage will also be important. Larger models will allow you to store multiple firearms, a knife or two, or potentially some ammo. You want to make sure, at the very least, that your safe has enough storage for your largest firearm.
  • Fingerprint total. How many fingerprints will your safe be able to store? If you have a family, you may want your children or spouse to be able to open the safe. I know that I would. Every safe’s fingerprint storage capacity is different. Some will allow for 4 fingerprints to be stored, while others will allow for several dozen fingerprints to be stored. Choose the appropriate safe for your needs.
  • Management. Speaking of all of your fingerprints, what is being offered in terms of fingerprint management? A lot of options will have names attached to each fingerprint so that you can quickly and easily edit or remove the fingerprint. An easy management system is especially important if the safe is being used by a small police department or in an office setting of some form.
  • Securing. How can the safe be secured? A small safe, especially a biometric handgun safe, is often portable. Someone can quickly pick the safe up and run out the door with it. A few power tools are all that it will take for the person to open most safes. You want to have a safe that can be secured in place. I have seen models that can be secured to the wall, and there are models that can also be secured to the floor.
  • Warranty. It should go without saying that you want some form of a warranty when purchasing anything that is electronic. You want to make sure that there’s at least a one-year warranty. If there’s an issue with the scanner or there was a defect during the manufacturing process, these issues will often present within the first six months of ownership.

This is just a starting point of what to look for in your biometric gun safe. You’ll want to pay close attention to consumer reviews and ratings, too. You can learn a lot from the experience of others.

The first safe we reviewed had great customer service, but we also found that some people claim that the battery dies very quickly. Both of these points are good to know when making a purchase. I would have never known of this issue if it wasn’t for the review of a few other people.

Take your time, do your research and make sure to read reviews before purchasing a safe.

Why All Gun Owners Should Consider Biometrics

Biometric safes can only be opened with your fingerprint. You have to allow someone access to the safe by adding their fingerprint into the database. This means that access to the firearm is only available if:

  • Someone’s fingerprint is in the system

When it comes time to open the safe, you put your finger on the scanner and it will open in a few seconds or less. If someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, do you want to fiddle around with a key or run downstairs to get the key to open the safe?

No, you don’t.

Fingerprint scanners allow you to rapidly open your safe and defend your family. As long as there’s power to the safe and you still have a thumb, you can retrieve your firearm.

When a person’s life is at risk, it’s not uncommon for them to freeze under pressure. The person will freeze, forgetting how to open the safe or where they put the key. It takes just a few seconds to lose your life.

These instincts are gone when you use a fingerprint scanner.

You just put your finger on the scanner and don’t have to worry about freezing when your life is on the line. With a biometric safe, you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself and your family.


Why Some People Don’t Like Fingerprint Gun Cases

Biometric safes are computerized, and when electrical access is required, there are more elements that can break. Your fingerprint scanner can break, and you’ll have an expensive safe sitting there to be opened by key.

Batteries can go dead, and when they do, you’ll have a much harder time accessing the firearm in a true emergency.

You’ll have to be aware of the battery lifespan and how much battery life is left.

Fingerprint safes also cost more money.

But you get the benefit of one of the easiest to access safes on the market. The cost is worth the speed and safety that a fingerprint safe offers. You will have to remain cautious about battery life, but there are a few models that come with A/C adapters to power the unit.


Manual Case vs Biometric Safe

Manual safes do not need batteries, and they offer access at all times. You’ll find some models that do require a code to be input to unlock the safe. There’s a key or code to access the safe, so you do not need to worry about dead batteries.

But you need to have quick access to your code or key.

It takes significantly longer to open a safe manually than it does with your fingerprint.

Biometric safes are highly secure, especially when mounted, and they offer rapid access. No one can “fake” your print, and quick access means that you’ll be better prepared to protect your family.